Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

As our youth and the children are the bright future of our country. Before starting we must know what is youth empowerment?
YOUTH EMPOWERMENT is the process to encourage young minds and children to take charge of their lives and follow their dreams.

We can empower our youth by motivating them towards their goals in their life. So, they can pursue their dreams. Before persuading dreams, a person should know his area of interest because the area of interest and mental satisfaction are the two main things required for adopting a career. Some people adapt their careers just because of family pressure that actually does not give them mental peace. Some people change their minds because of their society or the thought “what people will say? My advice to them is to ignore what they say and remember it’s your life and it’s your decision what you want in your life or what you don’t want.

For empowering youth, we must develop the following features in our youth:

  1. A sense of responsibility.
  2. Self Confidence.
  3. A sense of control.
  4. Strong moral values.
  5. A positive way of thinking.
  6. Social Awareness.


  1. The Youth will be able to make their own decisions.
  2. The Youth will become social, mental, and financially independent, and strong.
  3. The Youth will become enough mature to test their abilities.
  4. The Youth will have the ability to recognize themselves.
  5. The Youth will leave the typical thoughts and tracks made by society.
  6. The Youth will gain some vital skills.
  7. The Youth will find their life more meaningful.

    But a question arises that just motivation is enough for empowering our youth. According to my, the answer is NO because motivation is important but not the most essential thing. Because our youth cannot become strong if they are not willing to be. If one person takes a stand, the majority will follow the lead but remember to become the lead, not the majority people. Create your own path.

افراد کے ہاتھوں میں ہے اقوام کی تقدیر
ہر فرد ہے ملت کے مقدر کا ستارا۔


If each and every person takes a stand, the youth becomes strong then ultimately our country becomes strong and developed. We can simply do it by sticking to our aim and give it our best and then finally the success is yours but don’t compare yourself with anyone because you’re responsible for your failures and success, not anyone else. Just remember to work with devotion.