You Still Have The Wings

You Still have The Wings

Nervous yet full of ambitions she sighed and pulled the door handle. As she tried to open it, the file in her hands slipped down. She felt difficulty in bending because her old age has made her bones a little weak.
“Can you move?” a male voice came behind her.
“I’m… I’m so sorry, I.”
“You know what? Just, just get out of my way, old lady!” he said rudely and entered the building.

She was shocked, standing there when she heard a sweet piece of music.
“Wow, that is such a beautiful sound.” She said to the old lady who was playing that piano.
“It’s always been my dream to play but between raising my babies and my grandbabies, I never found the time to learn. But now I am following my dream finally.” the old lady said cheerfully.
“Really? Wow, you know I’ve always wanted to become an actress. I never had the time for it but today is my very first audition.” She said excitedly by showing the script file. “At the ripe old age of sixty-one!” she added. “But I am still in doubt that maybe I am too old for this.” She sighed.
The old lady said, “if my life can teach you anything it’s that you are never too old to follow your dreams.”
“You are right. Oh my God! I am sorry, I have to go.” She smiled looking at the watch.

She was sitting there, waiting for her turn when she saw that rude man again. She heard two girls talking about him that he is Craig Mason, the casting director.
“Okay, let’s start with the girls.” He said.
“No, no. Moms and grandmas are not allowed.” He said to her.
“Uh-oh I, I am here to audition too.” The director laughed at her brutally that she lost all of her confidence. But in the audition hall, she rocked. No girl could do well than her. The jury passed her but that director still humiliated her because of her old age. She came out blaming herself for being such stupid as to think that she still can fly for her dreams. That old lady saw her cried. She told her that she has to prove herself to the world and for this, she should never give up on her dreams.

With inspiration from her new friend she then decided to fulfill her dream. She took many classes to learn more skills about acting. She still faced the jokes and memes from people but this time she never stepped back. Eventually, she started working in small ads and commercials. Time passed quickly. She got bigger roles that made her way towards success. Her dream is finally coming true because she is selected as the main lead in a major Hollywood film. Then after a couple of years, she ran into that casting agent from her first audition by chance.
“Well, (clears throat) look who it is. I am impressed because you are the talk of the town right now. Look I know things did not start off well between us, but why don’t you come to sign with me?” he said.
“I am sorry, I’ve already signed with another agency.”
“Hey wait, umm I want to ask a question, why you didn’t give up when I made fun of you?” he asked.
She replied “I was going to, but a wise lady then reminded me, That you are never too old to follow your dreams. Have a good day!”