You Don’t Need Wings To Fly

You Don't Need Wings To Fly

All I wanted in my life was to fly high and touch the sky. All I wanted was to see my reflection in the vast ocean from the sky. But there was only one answer I needed to find and there was only one question that popped into my mind.
Being 6 years old, the only possible answer my brain was giving me was that “girl you need wings to fly”. But it took me 12 years to understand that wings have nothing to do with flying. I realized this fact after observing ostrich and hen. That is when I found that YOU DON’T NEED WINGS TO FLY.
There are so many birds with wings in this world who can’t fly. There are so my humans with eyes who can’t see. There are so many people with ears who can’t hear a word and so many with tongues who can’t speak. The problem is with our minds and our ambitions.
Many years ago it was just a joke to see humans flying, it was just someone’s dream. But now we are living that dream. Now I know that inside your brain, you have your world. In that world, you can fly high and touch the sky. You don’t need any permission. You have no restrictions. There is no other person in that dream. All the answers to all our questions are hidden inside our brains. These questions can enter your world at any time but the correct answer will arrive at the right time to show you the right path.
You don’t need wings to fly.