World’s Fastest HyperCharge Technology By Xiaomi

World’s Fastest Hypercharge Technology By Xiaomi

Xiaomi introduced 200W wired and 120W wireless HyperCharge technology

Xiaomi is one of the enterprises that has increased the level in terms of fast charging technology with a device that enables 120W rapid wired charging.

Currently, it holds the record for the quickest wireless charging method. Now, all set to forge a strong record when it introduces its new HyperCharge fast charging technology.

Xiaomi has developed HyperCharge, a new wired fast charging method that may put your existing fast charger to shame.

In August 2020, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra as its first phone with a 120W fast charging solution that claims to fully charge a 4,000mAh battery in less than 8 minutes. Additionally, the company has introduced 200W wireless fast charging technology that claims to fully charge a smartphone with the same battery capacity within 15 minutes.

According to the sources at the start of this year, Xiaomi expected to introduce a phone with 200W fast charging capabilities in the second half of this year. However, according to the report, the 200W represents the total of all charging modes supported by the gadget, which includes:

  • wired charging
  • wireless charging
  • reverse wireless charging

Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi’s most expensive model, enables a total of 144W of charge through 67W wired charging, 67W wireless charging, and 10W reverse wireless charging. On the other hand, 120W wireless HyperCharge has appeared as much a successor in imitation of Xiaomi’s 80W wireless charging, which used to be introduced back between October final year. 80W wireless charging technology may bring a 4,000mAh battery in 19 minutes.

Recently, Xiaomi also shared a video showing how HyperCharge works on a Mi 11 Pro custom build. In just 03 minutes, the phone reaches 50% full, and in a few seconds less than 08 minutes, it reaches 100% capacity. Mi 11 Pro is also seen charging wirelessly at 120W speed, achieving a 10% charge in under 01 minutes and a 50% charge in under 07 minutes.

Xiaomi hasn’t revealed when its new HyperCharge technology would be accessible. On the whole, fast charging, might generate more heat and hasten battery degeneration.

By Maham Bashir