World Through My Eyes

World Through My Eyes

It was a crisp Friday morning and the clock was striking 8 am. I had woken up with a pleasant mood and an instant longing for coffee. I could’ve easily made great coffee at home but I wanted to feel the cool air rushing to my face. I’d always felt like chilly wind made me feel alive and awakened all my dormant senses. But then again, it was 100C outside; not hot and not too cold. I had this day off and I very much wanted to just relax and appreciate nature around me today. So, I stretched, got out of bed, washed my face and changed into warm clothing, then headed out. 

A cool breeze greeted me as soon as I stepped out of my house, it was as refreshing as I’d hoped it would be. I could get to the café I wanted to be at by a short route, instead,  I intentionally took the longer route just so I could take in everything happening around me and feel it with vivid clarity. As it was a working day, there was quite a bit of hustle and bustle around me. I was walking on the footpath while the road beside me was buzzing with countless vans, cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. Everyone was in a hurry to get to work on time; drivers were taking kids to school, adults were rushing to offices and teenagers were cycling towards their colleges. Moreover, there were scattered rays of sun everywhere and if I listened closely, I could also hear the chirping of all sorts of birds.  This was nature in all its iridescence. 

This sight always amused me. Why? Because it depicted life in the simplest possible manner. The energy in the air, the tumult of vehicles, people going about their business, the ever-present sunshine, the songs of birds; it all characterized life. I made a mental note of taking all of this in as much as I could because honestly, on a working day, it is so easy for you to drift away in your own troubled thoughts that you just lose sight of all the beauty around you, simply because you were not present in the moment. Thus, mindfulness was a skill that I aspired to develop in myself. 

I kept walking till I finally reached my favorite café. This café had both indoor and outdoor seating. I went inside since I disliked sitting to eat near the road. I moved to the counter to order a coffee and breakfast. I took a seat near the glass windows so I could see outside. As I waited for my breakfast to arrive, I noticed an old lady sitting outside. She looked to be in her seventies. I assumed she was also there for breakfast. That old lady was surprisingly well-groomed and elegant. She wore silver spectacles and was dressed all in red from her hat to her shoes. Seeing this woman made me smile widely;  not because I thought her style was ridiculous but because I admired it profoundly.  

In a little while, a waiter brought my breakfast and coffee. Every time, a steamy cup of coffee brought me immense pleasure without fail. I wrapped my hands around the  cup and took a sip out of it. The slightly bitter hot liquid ran down my throat and spread  tendrils of warmth inside me. While having breakfast, my gaze went back to the old lady outside. She was the perfect portrayal of how age doesn’t have to fade your spirits. What  intrigued me was that most of the elderly people are usually hunched and look drained of  energy but that old woman right there defied the characteristic lethargy brought on by old  age. She sat without any companion but didn’t look to be lonely. She was as content as I  was right now. Being able to enjoy your alone time is a superpower. Early on in my life, I understood that trying to find a partner in everything you do makes you highly dependent  on others. No one I’ve ever come across was comfortable on their own. Everyone just  wanted someone else to tag along wherever they went. I think people fail to realize that they are very much capable by themselves. Lesser the people in your life, lesser the  stress, fights and other complexities; that was my opinion.  

If being able to stand firm on your own was one superpower, then staying calm and silent was another sort of strength. Our ego rules us in most cases. While arguing, no one wants to be the one who steps back. Ego drives us to keep insulting others which ultimately is our loss, though we may not realize it at that time. Talking in anger may boost our ego but it destroys everything else. However, going absolutely quiet in an argument not only unnerves the other person but also makes them realize their mistake and keeps the situation from escalating any further. 

My coffee had finished, the old lady had left and it was time for me to go too. It had been a positive start of the day; my spirits were up and I felt grateful for being alive. I  paid the bill and headed back home.