World Schools Debating Championship: Pakistani High Schoolers Made The Nation Proud

World Schools Debating Championship: Pakistani High Schoolers Made Nation Proud

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and no doubt we have a non-ending list of amazing Urdu speakers but now Pakistanis are making records in English debating competitions. One such example is Pakistan’s team performance in the world debate ranking. Pakistan’s debating team performed its best in the competition organized by the World Schools Debating Championship. Debating is a difficult skill and few people are good at it.

This competition is also a success story of Taha Masud, a boy from Islamabad who started his journey from MUN speeches and represented Pakistan in one of the biggest school debating championships. He started participating in MUN (Model United Nations) conferences and speech competitions.

According to him, he learned two things about this field. The first one is that he enjoys debating and the second one that Parliamentary style is the need of the hour as all the famous speakers adept this style. He started to apply his learning and eventually, this led him towards heaps of improvement. He kept improving and one day he was able to represent Islamabad in a competition with teams from other big cities of Pakistan.

Then, he made a slow but successful journey from national competitions towards international ones. He became a representative of Pakistan in debating at the international level. Finally, he made his contribution, and Pakistan is ranked 6th among 74 countries of the world.

For the first time in the history of this competition, Pakistani team entered the quarter-final and ranked sixth among ESL speakers which mean speaking English as a second language. This is a great improvement on the part of the Pakistani team because this high ranking will open many doors for Pakistani students. The Pakistani team defeated teams from China, India, Denmark, Sri Lanka, and many others so this is a remarkable success. This is a hope of a good future of debating in Pakistan.