Women’s Place In Society

Women's Place In Society

Women are the beauty of nature.

In the past, women were looked upon as slaves. Her main profession was to obey and entertain her husband.
As Ruskin puts it: “A true wife in her husband’s house is his servant, it is in his heart that she is queen”, Upto the 19th century, it was thought that marriage and home life were the best outlets for a woman’s energies. Thus a woman’s activities were confined to the kitchen and the nursery. Towards the end of the 19th century, there came the revolt of women.

Now everybody knows education more than anything else was responsible for the emancipation of women. With education came the realization that she could do what man had done. Now women are the member of Parliament, doctor, pilots, and engineers even the PM to different countries like Benazir Bhutto first lady PM of Pakistan. In Russia and Japan, they were trained as soldiers to serve in the Second World War. However, there is a group of thinkers who believe that women should not take part in the social and cultural activities of the country. They believe that man is for sword and woman for the needle, man is to command and woman is to obey. But the real danger is that women are making the wrong use of their emancipation. They are trying to imitate man in everything. As the result, they are losing their essential womanhood, delicacy, and modesty.

Women are different from men in their bodily form and constitution. It is her sacred duty to produce children and give them a beautiful life. Not only this but she has also built a nation of morally sound people.

“Paradise lies under the feet of a mother”. This shows that in Islam a woman enjoys a great status. Her rights are equal to men, but her duties are different.

-The Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Islam does not prohibit women to do jobs and their freedom. Women can do any job but within the frame of Islam. Women should do a job when they actually in need of it. First of all, look after their children and their family and makes them good citizens. However, in case of dire necessity, she can take part in social and cultural activities.

“Give me good mothers and I shall give you a good nation”. This means that morally good mothers build a nation of brave and strong people.