Withered Simplicity

Withered Simplicity

It is an often proverb that “Simplicity is the best policy”. There was a time when simplicity exists in real manners, behaviors, morals, civilizations & characters. With the passage of time, humans achieved success in every field of life, & they mold their lifestyle according to the changing needs of their time.

Pakistan since its inception facing many challenges but that was visible. Now, we are facing some invisible challenges, and our ignorance towards it adding fuel to fire.

In the last few months (After lockdown), I happened to visit some ceremonies including, nikkah, marriages & some other sort of events. I was surprised to see that everything was so decorated and every moment was very planned.

Ceremonies extend from five to seven hours & people were looking perplexed over the functions & extra norms which were neither even in our culture nor in our religion.

Moreover, the food dishes were as you can count. Nobody was even able to taste a single dish delightedly. Some were wanting to eat all of them so put that into one plate & then went home hungry. (Written on their faces).

Three days of wedding now turned into a maximum of five to eight days. A white wall person is unable to plan their weddings. Some middle class spending their whole life savings on a single wedding because of society or family pressure.

It is also leading towards late marriage or no marriage like big issues. Once there was a big problem “Dowry‘ but now except dowry, marriages itself a problem. Once single or two dishes were enough on marriages, people could eat them and enjoy the meal but now variety letting people hungry.

Another complex issue “Inferiority complex” also increasing among youth. Every girl admiring the next wedding event and start planning her own wedding like that.
Unfortunately, simplicity is almost withered. We left simplicity in our life, culture, tradition & society. Consequently, a high level of anxiety arousing among the youngsters especially among the young girls. It’s a real alarming situation. If we kept ignoring it. This will be dangerous enough for coming generations.

Stop for a while..!! And think when your children ask you what was your basics? We almost will forget at that time & it will take some time to recall what we were.
Do not expand this trend.! Let’s move back to where we start and which is our basic, simple yet successful life. Where we produced scientists, scholars, professionals & experts of every field. Otherwise, your future will be struck on TikTok stars or Pawri-like activities only. Watch out..!!!

By Asma Anwar