Whirls of Smoke

Whirls of Smoke

Lying in his bed with swollen eyes she seemed entrapped in her past, as she blinked her eyes little droplets slipped through her dimpled cheeks into the neck where she was wearing a black quartz pendant.

In one corner of the shabby room was a handsome figure engulfed among the smoky whirls of the cigarette. The figure seemed immensely merged in another realm of thoughts. His eyes were fixed on a flower vase placed nearby. It was the first time she opened her heart and told him everything. He was shocked at first but managed his emotions quite rationally.

After 6 years of their marriage it was the first time when she told him the truth. She felt relaxed after sharing the secret. The heaviness got off her chest. But there he was standing at one corner of their room with his heavy heart trying to smoke away from the grief in vain.

“How can he give such a cold reaction”, she thought to herself. “Maybe I should talk to him. I said some really harsh words and he has always been so nice to me”, she kept thinking in her mind. He moved his eyes towards the bed where she was sitting. He saw her coming towards him.

“He never even asked me about my previous marriage, I am a horrible person. How can I be so selfish!”, now there was a tumult in her mind.

She made up her mind to make up everything. As she was about to approach hime, he was already gone.