WhatsApp Privacy Policy: Cutting The Gordian Knot

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

The recent buzz about the updated Policy of WhatsApp has unsettled the masses, who have felt being robbed off their privacy. The circulated news on the media and send on messages has not only infuriated the netizens but the talk of an invasion to their chats, media and contacts set uproar in the air.

From the day of its announcement, it has had the people losing their cool that seemingly surfaced on their social media handles.

Even so, many said their opinions in the name of opposite force; that WhatsApp has actually been victimized, as it has been an export of outside country.

Flooded internet not only faced the backlash from people on WhatsApp part but had sent many to restless sleep as the biggest messaging service’s updated policy did not meet with the terms of its user’s privacy and was said to be compromised in the hands of Facebook Company.

The current Federal Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudary showing his concern over this issue, hinted to introduce Strong Data Protection Law. He said like other countries Pakistan should also launch its own messaging service with secured User Data settings for its holders.

Amid the ongoing frenzy, the fleeing of the users to other viable competitors like Telegram and Signal was also seen.  

The WhatsApp however, clarified itself and officially digitalized a statement with the details of the policy, they have proposed. Clearing up the air, they said that the end-to-end encryption between friends and family is out of harm’s way.

With the World becoming more and more tech-savvy, we never intent to spill our Users Data, stressed by the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathart.  

Even so, the proposed policy was for the improvement of Business Communication through Facebook for the provision of an easy going end-to-end work. Saying so, he also urged people to visit updated FAQ page to absorb more of the information.   

Ultimately, WhatsApp came ahead with a promising word to the current exaggerated situation to a point in anticipation of acceptance and understanding by its users around the world.