Understanding Iqbal’s Shikwa & Jawab E Shikwa

Shikwa and Jawab E Shikwa

Why did they get ‘Hoor o Qasoor’ (victories in the world) and Muslims were made silent with only promise of Hoors (virgins in Paradise)? Iqbal asks Why is the worldly wealth so scarce for Muslims despite of the fact that your power has no limits? These are few of the questions which were in the mind of Muslims then (and even now as well), making it simple: Even if we are shackled and haven’t done a single thing to break these, why don’t you send us help from Ghaib after all we are the best of the bests? Why non-believers are being favoured in the way we should have been favoured?

Iqbal replies to every question in Jawab e Shikwa as if Allah himself is replying He clearly states that you’re the best of the bests no doubt you are but its for as long as you stay committed to امر بالمعروف و نہی عن المنکر , that’s when I’ll have my favours on you just as I blessed your forefathers once. They were believers, they were busy in deeds of their might not just merely of words (like you). He further adds how you have forgotten God in the pursuit of worldly things, how you have lost your self بصورتِ مینا یش بود (just as wine is poured out from the cup), you have split your religion into countless sects, you have lost Haidari Faqr and Doulat e Usmani. And you still ask me why you’re not being blessed as people of west are (they have worked hard for everything they own today). Iqbal finishes these impactful poems with one of the best of his shers and tells Muslims what they actually require for victory in this world and the hereafter and that is loyalty to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), if you’re loyal to him and his teachings, we will not only bless you with wealth of this world but will also let you write your own fate.

By Mishaal Mubarak