TRUE-BRUTAL (Tribute to Priyantha Kumara)

Picture of Priyantha Kumara

They couldn’t decide how the door to this heinous urge was bolted so tight. They tried their luck even harder but failed and knelt down in agony. Nothing was apparently easy to grasp at that moment, not even what time was it? How long have they been trying, trying to flee!! No clouds were clear. Impatient patients.

The wall clock suddenly made a sound so horrible for the winter’s silent evening that it jolted their coward souls out of their hollow bodies; it seemed like only blood was settled in the heart where it just got white, but the soul was not there, not even conscience. It took them a ghostly minute to get back to the base of the body, where nothing except absurdity was awaiting to welcome them back to the reality of madness. It was only a matter of an instant when they could see the door was unlocked and a ray of hope shone all over the place that looked so damned insane and hysterical!

The reins of humanity were loosening over the furious horse and… they all gathered to slaughter a man out of them!
The door’s key was a villainous Satan in each of them, out of fear of their goodness to make bad good in their own way. Humanity was lost and each one of them felt pride in making themselves content in a sickened state!

We won a hellish battle and will wish each other a happy new year with the same maladjustment!