Tracing Ideological Warfare And Bleeding Muslim Ummah

Tracking Ideological Warefare and Bleeding Muslim Ummah

Conventional wars comprise of two types, one with weapons fought in battlefields having bloodshed and massacres with material collateral damages. The other is more disastrous, lethal, and far destructive for it weakens the foundations of an ideology making it unable to fight neither in a battleground nor on ideological grounds.
The ideological war comprises of brainwashing through making a mind doubtful about the established ideology, depicting it as passing through declination, contamination, maligning the real history, and degrading it through different tactics. After devastating the ideological grounds, the community is either colonized or taken over finally. It involves a fascinating history.

This war existed in the Aristotelian era when he was executed. It continued to Romans where the Pope was gaining absolute authority leading to the 30-year religious war, dark ages of Europe and finally, the renaissance and enlightenment took place.

An ideological war is mainly concerned with political systems and civilizations. The modern-day clashes of ideas took roots from the dawn of Islamic civilization developed in the Arabic peninsula. It is a universal truth that religion made society.

The same is the case with Islam. It changed the complete course of life of the Arabic Bedouins and enabled them to conquer the great empires of that era. Muslims were unstoppable, their beliefs and ideology were undefeatable, they were reckoning in both battlefields and ideological grounds. Although Jews and other anti-Islamic forces started attacking the ideological grounds of Islam in the caliphate they were defeated. The escalation in the ideological war took place in the era of crusades (wars declared by the Pope). Christians can be considered the founders of the modern ideological war. Crusades were fought for the captivation of Muslim land, taking revenge, and recapturing the Jerusalem and holy place for all divine religions-Al-Quds. In the medieval era, 8 crusades took place, Christians used the art of nudity and prostitution to lure Muslim soldiers but Salahuddin Ayyubi put those tricks down with an iron hand.

This was one of the earlier tactics against Islamic civilization and ideology. The ideological war was devised since the first crusade but then Christians left the battlefields and Saint Louis laid the foundations of an ideological war by introducing his four-point agenda that comprised of breaking the unity between Muslim rulers, to let not a group of Muslims grow to have firm and strong beliefs, the art of nudity and prostitution should be encouraged in Muslim society, to establish a great Roman empire from Gaza to Antakya (comprising of the present-day Israel and Palestine). Here, it is necessary to mention that modern pornography is the evolutionary extraction of the tactics used against Muslim soldiers in crusades i.e. nude arts, etc. There was no power on earth which could compete with the Muslim Ulema in the Baghdad city which was famous as “The City of Wisdom” before the attack of Mongol Hordes. Muslim scholars answered every raising question against Islam through logic, philosophy, and science.

Actually, Muslims were ideologically devastated through four phases.

The first one is orientalism, western intellects started studying Islam. Islamic books, philosophy, and science were translated into European languages and studied thoroughly. The earlier objectives of orientalism were to apostatized Muslims, make them doubtful about Quran and Hadith, to reshape Islam in such a form that is parallel to Judaism and Christianity and acceptable to capitalism. Willaim More was an orientalist who tried his best to malign the Prophet (SAW) and Islam. Goldziher, Thomas Arnold, Henry Lamens, and Samuel Zoemer are considered extremist orientalists who tried to malign Islam, and Ann Marie Schemmel, Bernard Louis, and Standleypol are considered neutral orientalists.

The second phase to combat Islamism was colonization, which rapidly escalated after the fall Ottoman caliphate; Imperialism started through the extinction of the caliphate, dividing Muslims and diminishing the concept of Ummah, capturing holy places, Captivating Muslims, and made them subjected to capitalism forever. The colonization of Muslim states was followed as Nigeria in 1851, Egypt in 1888, Sudan in 1898, Iraq in 1914, Jordan and Palestine were colonized in 1918. Afghanistan was the only one left even after three battles. After the socialist revolution in Russia in 1917, the remaining sovereignty of Muslims was also dashed to the ground in Central Asia. France captured Al-Jazair in 1830, Tunis in 1882, Madagascar in 1912, Senegal in 1882, Morocco in 1912, and finally, Syria was captured in 1921. It took little time to colonize and capture Islamic States after their ideological grounds were weakened. Their unity was broken and they were dragged far away from their teachings and history.

The third phase to eradicate political Islam was globalization; it proved to be a movement trying to devastate the diversity of cultures, politics, and economies, with an eye to pave way for sustainable capitalism.

The fourth phase is preaching secular ideologies to diminish the remaining role of Islam in society. Although, secularism originated in Europe with the confrontation of Romans and Catholics of an obsolete religion- Christianity. Many people think that secularism can also compete with Islam as it won from Christianity but they are misguided that Christianity was passing through a period of obsoletion and Islam already replaced the slot of only divine religion.

The concept of Humanism laid the foundation of modern secularism to combat all religions commonly and Islam specifically. If we analyze the whole discourse, it simply gives a vivid image of the downfall of Islam (ideology) from ideological downfall to geographical defeat. Although, It seems impossible to regain the golden period of Islam in such a globalized world but preserving our identity, culture, and religion with an optimistic approach, learning from history, and give our best to Islam will one day bring a new dawn to the bleeding Ummah.