The Rule of 7 Be’s


Are you seeking tips to improve yourself? Do you want to be a better You? If you do, then we have something in common.

The Rule of 7 Be’s; I’m very passionate about self-improvement and personal growth. I’ve realized there is nothing more meaningful than to pursue a life of improvement and betterment. So, here I’ll share some habits that I opt for in my personal development. I wrote down these habits after doing extensive research on this topic and I found hundreds of habits for self-development. If you search you’ll get hundreds of tips too. But here I’ve jotted down only the most important and effective habits in making rules of 7 Be’s that have the potential to change our life, our thoughts, our lifestyle, our behavior, etc. Before coming to the main point, I want to tell you, Only you have the willpower to change yourself, nobody can improve you, only you by yourself can do this. Even, I can only suggest you or give you some tips or tricks to manage your life and to live it in a productive way. But it is you, who can imply these habits in your life and make your living better. So, here are some habits that I’ve composed, these 7 Be’s are:

1. Be Responsible: Responsibility is the first and foremost habit to make your life easier. Learn to take the responsibility for your actions. Don’t be a denial personality. Don’t betray yourself and others too. Don’t make excuses, making excuses rather than taking responsibility for your actions, your words or your considerations are the sign of individuals who fail to succeed in life. Sacrifice your pleasures for the people around you, for your friends, your family, your community. Sacrifices make you a responsible person. Imagine your parents assigned you an important task to do for them, but you have already made plans with your friends, you’ve to go somewhere with them, where you’ll enjoy a lot and spend time with your friends, but, you canceled all those plans for your Parents. You canceled those plans to accomplish the task they assigned you. This is sacrifice dear! You sacrificed your wish for them. You are being a responsible person. Another way to be responsible is to Try to give your 100% to anything that is your duty. If you are a student, it’s your duty, it’s your responsibility to give 100% to your studies. You know your parents pay a pretty penny (a huge amount of money) to your school, college, or university. So it’s your responsibility to fulfill their expectations by studying hard, by giving your 100%. Because they sweated blood in earning that money which goes to your university as your fee.

2. Be Patient: Patience is a skill that almost everyone could improve upon. Practicing Patience has amazing benefits that you can acquire. Don’t be hasty. Always trust your LORD, He surely has a better plan for you. Just imagine you want a really nice and expensive car for yourself and you want to get it by any means, you are extremely avid to get it no matter by hook or by crook. This is not the way!! If you behave impatiently, you’ll always be hasty, you’ll be nervous, you’ll be uncomfortable, restless forever until you get that particular car. You’ll waste a lot of time in making that possible and getting that car. And in the end, if you couldn’t get that then what you’ll get is just restlessness, nervousness, and nothing more. So, be patient. Trust your LORD, He will make ways for you to get that particular thing at the right time.

3. Be Courteous: Courteousness is something extremely powerful habit to influence people. To make people feel better, to make people listen to you, to make them feel special. Learn to be kind and caring. It is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. You always have little opportunities around you to practice kindness. Like if you’re sitting on a seat in the metro and an elderly person enters the bus, but there’s no empty seat and he has to remain stand while traveling. If you’ll remember my article and you want to improve yourself by practicing courteousness, you’ll immediately give that seat to the elderly. This is an important step towards self-improvement. Towards being a responsible citizen.

4. Be Disciplined: Live a disciplined life. This is the habit that can contribute to a person’s achievements and success. Living a disciplined life makes you feel happier. when you are disciplined, you have clear goals for yourself. Applying this rule in your life requires a lot of practice and repetitions. As a beginner in this journey, try to make a to-do list on daily basis, you can use weekly planners and journals for yourself. Try to make an easy timetable for yourself and stick to it. Be consistent in following the timetable. Initially, when you start practicing discipline, it feels really tough and awkward. But once you get adapted, you’ll have the next level of satisfaction in your life.

5. Be Positive: In my opinion, being a positive personality is such an amazing habit that makes you feel productive every time, that makes you feel happier every minute. Seeing everything in a positive perspective protects you from anxiety, stress, it protects you from making assumptions (which is the biggest sin), it protects you from bad vibes, bad thoughts. To practice being a positive personality, first of all, stay away from negative people. Surround yourself with the ones who appreciate you, identify your buckets and diapers. ( as written in novel haya by Fakhra Waheed) She writes buckets are those people who always appreciate you for good things, who motivate you for doing something good, but, diapers are people who absorb all the motivation from you, and always discourage you.

6. Be Fearless/Overcome your fears: Identify your fears and overcome them. All of us have some fears… it may be fear of public speaking, fear of losing someone in your life, fear of uncertainty, fear of risk, etc. All of our fears keep us at the same level and prevents us from growing. So, overcome your fears. Make your fears, your strengths. Learn to transform your fear into your strengths.

7.Be Obedient: Try to be obedient and accept everything your counselor, mentor, the trainer said. Be obedient and follow all the rules given above to be a better you. Best of luck! May you succeed in this journey to be a better Human!

By Mahnoor Zubair