The Perks Of Being An Introvert

The Perks Of Being An Introvert

This trend of “Introverts” and “Extroverts” showed us all many dimensions, debates, and definitions of their own kind since the last few years. I remember the simplest version of these two coined terms were being social and less social or in our maternal way “kam bolney wala ya wali and ziadah bolney wala ya wali”.

I would not go into the detail of the terminologies rather sharing my instinctive random thoughts on this notion. I always look out for quotes when some topic or a single word clicks or touches my heart and soul, so I usually get inspiration from there to wove and mold my ideas.

Human beings cling to material things that are cold as snow, whereas I seek the flame of love. For I have discovered that material things kill painlessly, but love revives us through torments.

So one of the most favorite quote by Khalil Gibran

Such a blunt in his expressions, Gibran intensified the impotence of loving and being loved. We still love and admire materialistic apprehension, we often ignore the bliss of being kind, being adorable, being truthful, being a good observant, being a nature admirer, and being a good listener. So, if I consider above mentioned qualitative adjectives, I would say it fits out the definition of an Introvert having a kind heart, more empathy than others, loving and caring, more observant, more reliable, and truthful.

An introvert usually opens ups to a very less number of people not even to their family members or friends in a picky swing. Introverts can make good psychologists having an innate ability to understand and absorb other aspects of life, sadness, and loss as defined or imagined by the people stuck or clung between some sufferings.

Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe

Susan Cain

What a beautiful description of being aloof, I must say. Does being alone means that a person isn’t able to mingle up with society’s trends or fashions? For me, the answer is No! Such a person is actually giving space to others, having his or her own asylum by being a reserve member, not interfering and judging like intruding bugs, which the majority of the people do. (kindly, don’t assume that I am pointing out some extroverts indirectly when my perspective is wholly and simply related to the true essence of an observant, silent soul). I would mention another statement:

That’s the thing about introverts, we wear out chaos on the inside where no one can see it.

Michaela Chung from The Irresistible Introvert,

That’s what it’s all about, that chaos, that lava, and that relentless conflicts reside in the souls, such people don’t have roads to travel on, sketch boards to blot out their cooked-up feelings. They simply sip it in, embrace it and endure it. Pain, loss, or even simple behaviors which are not welcomed or acquired, are absorbed by the introvert spirits.

Introverts speak out their words with weighed depth, their philosophy about life and attitudes is somehow, more logical and relatable too. They can make good listeners, good friends, and good partners too. Similarly, they tend to be good leaders or writers for they have skills, learned by the bearer berns throughout their life or observing stimulate.

Closing thoughts on this heated hitch, I myself simply seek solace in silence, getting more closer to nature to have a more vivid imagination. Thus, I respect others’ privacy by not asking irritating questions, I keep myself bound to very few people who are really interested in knowing my point of view, or else I keep myself detached in certain situations until or unless being asked for my suggestions. Understanding is an art and not everyone is an artist, therefore, our society is needing more good listeners and fewer advisors, more compassionate beings, and fewer critics.