The Only Ways to Serve

The Only Ways to Serve

Happily, After finishing my College Exams I was planning on My Career Opportuinities,
I took oath to my self that I am gonna serve My Genre,
Making a list of professions that Would help me to achieve my Goal,

Pharmasict by preparing and prescribing Medications!
Nurse by being incharge of Patients’ Nursing!
Physiotherapist by providing Rehabilitation to the needed Ones!
Psychologist by Counseling enervated humans!
Pathologist by Researching, Examining and determing the causes of disease!!

The list was Proceeding…
But Ahhh, on the contradictory the society have some standards…
It says Preferably MBBS or on the secondary BDS could only be the ways to serve HUMAN BEINGS…

I am upset that what if I couldn’t make it to the Medical College?
Will it be considered as if I can’t serve My Genre “The dear alive Human Beings” Any more ?
The fields listed questioning to me that Why they can’t be considered for Serving HUMAN BEING ? Why??

By Ayesha