The Madness of A Girl

The madness of a girl

A girl who is made of love,
She is love,
Who only knows how to love

What are lakes? His eyes…
What is a wonderful thing in the world? His face…
What is the scent? His breath…
What are the joys? His existence…
What is cold? His sadness…

When he is sad, It seems to me that everything in the world is frozen
What is the heat? His anger..
When he gets angry I feel the heat

And what are springs? His Laughter….
It’s spring for me
What is sweet? His words..
His words sweeten my ears

What to read or What do you want to read? His written words…
What to listen to? His lyrics…
What else is there in the world besides his voice?

Any desire of your lips? His forehead.
How will your wound heal? His touch…
If he touches it, the wound will heal…

What is the world? A forest
And who are you? Think me like a tree And who is he? A passenger.
A passenger who is walking but still can’t find the destination
What do you think? To love this person
Means What is your profession? To love this person What else?
To love him Only love him
That person just loves me.

Hijab Rao