The Little Ripples: The Social Effects of Covid

The Little Ripples

The virus that plagues the world has been discussed every single day for the past one and a half years. Its effects predicted and learned, the large waves it has created and will create have now been debated, deliberated, and accepted with plans to tackle the changes already being made. The economic plummets, healthcare changes, environmental issues, travel policies – all accounted for.

Of course like all challenges the ones that cannot be seen will come as a complete surprise. Although they are just as easily predicted. The little ripples that will cause another earthquake. The children who missed their first day of school, the compromise in their social abilities will create yet another generation of socially anxious people.

Those kids who went through hard times and were awaiting closure with their graduations stunted yet again. Their fresh starts on a pause till they’re not so fresh anymore, creating more struggling learners, the speed of the world against their small feet tripping them over.

Those that lost families are not being allowed to grieve them or weep at their funerals. Never getting to say goodbye to those who they loved, forever stuck to the idea that it would end soon. Their hearts are full of hope that when covid is over everything will go back to normal or as normal as it gets with empty chairs at the dining tables and fields with flower-less gravestones. It is only when everyone can gather again will they notice the people missing from the conversation.

Thousands will realize that they do not want to live more life without those they love, thousands will realize that it was a proximity that kept them together not love. Some will realize the fragility of life and change themselves, others will realize the fragility of life and change the world around them. The jobs people were shamed for will now be considered important, the small risks people took will have made all the difference.

Every decision would create a ripple, every situation would create a ripple. The waves will change the world of course but the ripples, will change people