The Art Of Well-Being

The Art of Well-Being

Here is why the things that we should have learned by the age of ten do not make sense for many of us at fifty or so and that’s the reason I am pissed off about all those school years. You see, People are kind of obsessed with manufacturing existential crises out of nothing or turning trivial problems into tragedies. This is because the most fundamental things are not taught in our education system. Speaking of fundamental things; how to handle and control your own thoughts and emotions being a human is the first and foremost thing to figure out.

There is no such thing as suffering or depression but the inability of humans to know their selves inside out. They do not know the possibilities of being human and the very reason keeps on increasing their suffering throughout life. They live to stress, to get depressed, and to lose hope eventually. However, there is no need of taking life this much seriously to lose your ability to feel joy or peace.  

Moreover, It’s a game of how well managed you are in your life, by all means? Whether you are someone going with the flow or you are among those highly disciplined, organized, and planned in terms of achieving future goals.  Plenty of the issues are created by the fears inside ourselves even they do not have a certain reason for being in here and commanding our thoughts or controlling our actions. They are just fabricated or I’d say, fantastically fabricated lies that we force ourselves to act accordingly without daring to take a step forward to see how real, is the fear, that we are into?.

We, humans, are living with plenty of ‘what if’s’ in our lives. You see, how many times we do not do things or keep on denying doing numerous things out of fear, having no reasons behind and that’s the reason for not having a memory of beautiful experiences to tell your offsprings about. 

Listen, I mean read intensively, I don’t want you to not have fears at all but I want you to not have this much or so many that you would regret eventually by babbling or muffling alone in your bedroom someday.

Staying away from not experiencing many things because of the fear of suffering is not only foolishness but also a denial of human capacities. It’s completely against humanism to think of you less and appearing vulnerable in front of a lot of possibilities.

So much is messed up in our lives just because of our inability to handle our own tasks appropriately. We decide to do one thing one day and end up not doing it for several upcoming days till we lost the feeling of doing it anymore but regret is always there along with our so called excuses of not doing that thing. Humorously saying a sad thing, even if we are the ones responsible for not doing that shitty task, we’ll be always advocating ourselves because of biasness towards it. True…, isn’t it?

Well, that’s another thing but one thing more is that we are not only inexperienced but splendidly bad directors of our own lives, where we do not know what we want from ourselves or how to edit the script of our life to have desired ending at a suitable time.  

There is a lot more to discuss in terms of well- being but for summing it up here, I want you to give yourself opportunities to contemplate your existence and the very purpose of it. Know yourself more and teach your kids the art of understanding the true meaning of being a human so as to save themselves from ending up as messed up or unhappy beings.

By Afshan Kanwal