Teleport Develops a Locally Manufactured Electric Bike

Teleport, a startup company backed by NIC Peshawar, made a breakthrough in the field of science and technology in Pakistan. They developed an electric bike that drives itself for over 100 km in a single charge. Its range can be extended to 200 km by linking another battery to the bike. The estimated time for the charging of this bike is around three hours.

Another notable fact is that all major and minor parts used in the design are sourced from the local market. However, the electric motor was imported because it is unavailable in Pakistan. Nonetheless, the bike has an original design. The CEO of Teleport, Mohyuddin Khan said it took him and his team 4 years in finalizing this product. They made 4 development prototypes in the meanwhile, and funded their project by selling lithium-ion batteries.

Mohyuddin, himself is a student of medical. However, his passion for electric mobility took him this far. In an interview, he said that his company is now looking for potential investors. As they initially need an investment of around 5 crore PKR to scale up their manufacturing. He added that each bike would cost around 1.5 lacs PKR.

The electric bike, however, has an astonishing look and design. Its unique rear shock design contributes to a smoother ride. Furthermore, it is far more environmentally friendly than other motor bikes. The exhaust from motor bikes add up to the misery of the atmosphere, and they are also a major cause for increasing road accidents. This is why the local development of an electric bike can go a long way in revolutionizing the transport and environmental sector of the country.

Pakistan is far behind in the field of science and technology than other countries. However, this project of Teleport depicts the potential of local students in the country. Such talented students can go a long way in the field of science and technology with assistance of the Government. Hence, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the Government to support local projects and initiatives.