She is nothing but an anonymous soul, who loved everyone more than ALLAH.
A person for whom, the creatures of ALLAH had become more important that she just forget her own role.
The role assigned to her by ALLAH. It was her choice to made people her first priority as a result was broken by the ones she had expected much. She was too absorbed into her desires for the world that she totally forgot why her soul had been given chance to live in this world.

She thought everyone she loved owes her soul. After being broken down into millions of pieces, she finally came to know, where everything went wrong. She had given away all her feelings, the love, the rage, the guilt.

At first, she was too depressed that her soul was scared of her body, but as the seasons were changing furiously and days were becoming night with a blink of an eye, she started to have tawaqul in ALLAH. She knew the fact that only ALLAH is the one she had in this cruel world.
Even her life had become a mess only having faith in ALLAH could change her life and made her happy again. Only ALLAH could cure her broken heart. With this faith that was once missing in her heart, she had started living her life and this is how she finally found her hidden and lost peace and happiness.