Talha Talib Wins Hearts Instead of Medal in Olympics

Talha Talib weightlifter

Meet #1 Pakistani Trending Guy – Talha Talib, who wins the hearts even after missing the winning medal.

21 years old Gujranwala-born lifter, competing in his first Tokyo Olympics, competed in the 67kg category and held the gold medal position until the last round before being knocked down and deprived of a major championship. In the upshot, he secures 5th position, behind:

  1. Lijun Chen, China – Gold Medal
  2. Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano, Colombia – Silver Medal
  3. Mirko Zani, Italy – Bronze Medal


Talha Talib, Pakistani 1st Weightlifter performing since 1976 after 45 years in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Talib’s lift of 151kg was the second-best of the round in the “Snatch” category. He deserted in his initial 166kg Clean & Jerk effort. Though, succeeding for the same weight in his subsequent tries and clearing 170kg later, his cumulative total of 320kg, got eclipsed by others, notably Mirko Zani, who lifted only 2kg more than him.

He performed really well!

During Clean & Jerk, he was in the lead for a time, providing optimism to his rising number of supporters at home. Despite his evident lack of resources, Talib’s performance converted him into a hero, with Twitterati showering him with adulation and his name being the #1 Pakistani trend on the internet.

The tale he is carrying is higher than the figure of his age. He is the first Pakistani weightlifter to compete in the Olympics since 1976, which is 45 years in the 2020 Games. 

Medals Won by Talha Talib:

Talha has been a wonder kid throughout his path to the Olympics, overcoming several challenges that would have shattered any regular person. According to the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), he has won medals in:

  1. Commonwealth Games (Bronze)
  2. South Asian Games (Gold)
  3. International Solidarity Weigh­tlifting Championship (Gold)

Words by Talha Talib:

In a live session on his Instagram account on Sunday night, he said that:

I did not win a medal today because I have gained something far more valuable – the affection of Pakistani fans. That was a dream come true for me to be able to display my skill on a platform where they would be pleased with my performance, and I can’t explain how happy I am to have accomplished it.