Sutlej River In High Flood Levels At Islam Headwork

With water levels at Islam Headworks surpassing 151,000 cusecs, the Sutlej River in Pakistan is experiencing severe flooding. This resulted in flooding that destroyed standing crops in a number of locations throughout Vehari, Burewala, Lodhran, and Bahawalpur.

Roads and temporary deterrent dykes have also been flooded, isolating off several villages from the rest of the nation. Crops have been ruined and thousands of acres of farmland have been submerged.

Around 100,000 people have been evacuated by rescue services from Punjabi flood-affected areas. The administration is working with rescue teams and community volunteers to aid people affected by the flooding.

The monsoon rains in India are to blame for the flooding because they forced the government to discharge extra reservoir water into the Sutlej River. Flooding has resulted downstream on the Pakistani side of the border as a result of this.

As a result of the flooding, Pakistan is going through a serious crisis, and the government is working to assist those who are affected. The global community is also offering support.