Sustainable Development In A Post-COVID World


Covid 19 has changed the world altogether. Centuries-old activities have come to a standstill. The whole framework has been transformed into a new format. So the world has to think out of the box and take the usual steps to keep the economies and unhindered as much as possible.

Covid 19 has hit harder the weaker segments of societies and weaker countries and economies of the world. So the steps should be to outdo the negative effects and support the more vulnerable sections of societies.

No doubt sustained development in such a situation is a herculean task. So great tests and tasks of world leaders are to come out of their comfort zones, political and geographical rivalries, rise above at the level of humanity, and think not just about their masses but also have spillover effects on their surrounding countries, societies, and entities.

For example, education is a hard-hit area whereby schools are shut down for a long and indefinite period. The chances are the poor people may pull out their children from schools. Such children may be forced towards child labor, child marriage, and child trafficking. Similarly, women are also more prone to exploitation, violence, and injustice.

Businesses have to be shifted to online ones. More innovations are to be explored to make it more meaningful and practicable.

The same is the case with countries and societies involved in tourism is to devise some other basis for their economies. In short, sustainable development in post-Covid 19 is a great challenge for the whole of humanity.