Sugar Free Mangoes Produced In Pakistan For Diabetics

sugar free mangoes

In Pakistani markets, three new sugar-free mango cultivars with sugar levels of 04 to 06 percent have launched for diabetic patients.

New Sugar-Free Mango Types:

At a private agriculture farm in Tando Allahyar, Sindh, having expertise in Pakistani mango, undertook scientific alterations of mangoes and produced three types of sugar-free mangoes. For five years, M H Panhwar Farms investigated and scientifically modified mangoes. The top cultivators of mangoes, commonly sold in Pakistan’s local stores, include:

  • Keitt
  • Sonaro
  • Glenn

Furthermore, he has explained that the percentage of sugar content available in the following categories/types of mangoes:

  • Keitt has a 4.7 percent sugar content
  • Sonaro has a 5.6 percent sugar content
  • Glenn has a 6 percent sugar content

Therefore, the Keitt type of mango has the lowest ratio of sugar content. The advent of sugar-free mangoes is a welcome respite for diabetic patients. Sugar accounts for the majority of the calories in mangoes, which is not favorable for diabetic patients.

Do you know the number of diabetic patients in Pakistan?

According to the states provided by International Diabetic Federation (IDF), in 2019, predicted that over 19 million adults in Pakistan have diabetes, placing them at risk of life-threatening complications. 8.5 million of these 19 million people are undiagnosed, putting them at a higher risk.

Ghulam Sarwar, a nephew of M H Panhwar and a mango expert, said that his uncle was an expert in organic farming and had produced numerous research publications and manuals on mangoes.

He elaborated more that the Pakistani Government had given Sitara-e-Imtiaz to Mr. Panhwar for his studies on fruits such as mangoes and bananas. Following his death, I continued his work by modifying the importation of various mango varieties to assess their growth in this environment and soil.

Ghulam Sarwar also clarified that:
“This initiative is on a personal level, with no aid from government agencies. I wish to raise awareness of these kinds on a national and international scale. We consider national interests, but we are not interested in profiting from this endeavor.


Sugar free mangoes production is a tremendous source of business in Pakistan as well as exports purpose.

Written by Maham Bashir