Space And You

Space and You

Had A Dream About You And Sky,
You Took Me There And Made Me Fly.
I Was Flying Like A Free Bird,
Away From Cruel People And Fake World.
Above The Sky, Where There Is No One.
For Me It Was Just A Heaven..
The Heaven I Told You About..
The Heaven I Wished For..
Sitting On Moon, Exploring That All
Touching The Moon And Stars
Some Planets Were Around And Some Were Far.
I Was Taking Slides On Saturn
Everything Was Just Pretty Fun..
Planets, Stars And Moon
Were Talking To Me In A Tune
That Was The Tune Of Love..
And I Lost Myself Soon.
And Then! He Smiled And Everything Disappeared
Was That A Sarcastic Smile Or He Smiled At Me?
Suddenly Darkness Fell Every Where.
Moon And Stars All Turned Monsters There.
All The Planets Began To Scare.
The Moon Turned Away And Stars Started Stare.
I Felt I Got Everything, But Still Empty Handed.
I Woke Up, Out Of That Nightmare,Safely Landed.
I Took A Deep Breathe, Went To Window, Thinking Of Him.
Was That A Sarcastic Smile Or He Smiled At Me?
He Left Me Same Like That Nightmare.
He Showed Me Heaven And Left Me There.
I Looked At The Calendar, Realized That It Had Been A Year
This Nightmare Has Been Coming For A Year.
Scares Me Every Day, Like The Day One.

Fariha Nadeem