Some Basics To Know About Pakistan

Shahi Qila

Firstly, let me start with its initials to some of you not having primary knowledge about Pakistan. Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into being in 1947, a part of South Asia after the separation of Muslims majority areas from the Hindu dominated areas. It’s not that Muslims wanted to have an independent state of their own but it was the need of the hour to have a piece of land that would be governed by Muslim rulers to implement Islamic rules and they did it. As a Pakistani myself, I would like to praise our ancestors for having such heroic blood, undefeated courage, and consistency for surmounting such lofty hills to have a country of their own not only for themselves but for coming generations as well. 

Now, let me present you with some juicy facts about Pakistan, and trust me they are so basic that everyone should be aware of them.

On a very first note, we do have an etymological definition of the word Pakistan. The word, “Pak” is derived from Persian and it’s meaning is holy or pure. The second part of the word, “Istan” actually “Isthan” in Hindi means a place. Undoubtedly, the combination of both these words makes another one, namely Pakistan, giving it the meaning of holy place.

Secondly, Pakistan has two Noble Peace Prize winners i.e. the late Abdus Salam, who got Noble Prize in 1979 for his tremendous contribution in the field of physics, and a women education activist, Malala Yousafzai was awarded the same prize for her wholeheartedly involvement in her mission for education at such a young age. Receiving a Nobel Prize at the age of 17 has left Malala with the title of youngest-ever laureate too.

Thirdly, Pakistan is famous for its several designated UNESCO world heritage sites namely; Moenjodaro, Takht-i-Bahi, the Shalimar Garden in Lahore, Rohtas Fort, the monuments at Makli, and the ancient ruins of Taxila.

One of the densely populated cities in Pakistan named, Sialkot is known for its quality products made for games and players all over the world. If you are a football player and fully dressed up to jump into the ground then you might be wearing a shirt produced by Sialkot and handling a football brought to you by renowned city of Sialkot.

Pakistan is also home to some of its highest mountains, located in different parts of the country especially the Karakoram. The highest in Pakistan and the second highest in the world is K2.

The first woman to head the democratic government in a Muslim-majority country and the world’s youngest Prime Minister was the late Benazir Bhutto. Who served till her last breath for her dear country in so many ways and died while doing so.

Pakistan has also loads of unbreakable world records to its name including;

  • Largest volunteer ambulance service founded by the late “Abdul Sattar Edhi”
  • The smallest published Quran.
  • Youngest cricket test player “Hasan Raza”
  • Fastest cricket bowler “Shoaib Akhtar”
  • Most A-Levels cleared in a year by Ali Moeen Nawazish

Indeed, Pakistan is a beautiful, interesting, and safest place to live in with its amazing people.