Societal Toxicity

Societal Toxicity

Today, social media has become a powerful tool for communication and entertainment, but it is reflecting one of the important aspects of our life— Societal Toxicity.

As a society, we have become very toxic towards our relations, friends, and even strangers. We are seeing hate comments on influencers, celebrities, and random people on social media platforms who are complete strangers to us but we think it is our right to criticize others even on basic things, we want to let others down, we want to moral police others especially women. We have become too intolerant that we don’t let anybody make a statement or have a point of view that doesn’t match our view. We don’t want to listen to others but to impose our thinking on others. If someone is doing a good deed we think he is doing it for publicity. We as a society don’t know how to praise others, how to encourage others. We don’t think for a while before saying how our words are hurting others, how these words are damaging someone else mental health.

As a society, we must teach our children/siblings to be kind to others. if you do not agree with someone else on an issue, try to make your point logical with facts and figures politely but if the other one is not understanding you then— it’s ok. You are not here to command others, they are not machines they are human beings just like us, they are seeing the world from different perspectives so they have different views.

If you are seeing someone else is living a different code of life then— it’s ok. It’s their life they have the right to live it as they want to live. Our thinking/our criticism doesn’t matter.
If you don’t want to praise others then be silent but saying anything negative even on someone’s face or in the comment box is so unethical. We must learn how to respect other’s personal boundaries and we should also establish our own boundaries and not let anyone intervene in our lives to protect our mental health.

Do good and good will come to you”