Skies of Desire, Dreams, and Despair

Skies of Desire, Dreams and Despair

The dusty skies spill our secrets; in the ashy grey mist hiding the worst; in the soft lilac lining leaving a scent of mystery behind your ear; in the baby pink promises scattered across the dawn; in the tangerine streaks that whisper of things unknown; in the red roses that rain down into our exposed laps.

The moon has betrayed us, passed on messages to the clouds, carried into the morning and we sit now and watch the thorns strike at our thighs, watch the blood pop up slowly, crush a petal in our fist, and hold tightly to the scrappy remains.

Red of poison, red of lust, red of lingering, red of trust.

Lie here with me, on our new bed of roses, under a sacrilegious sky, take a nap in the garden with me and rest your weary head upon my chest, your bosom rises and falls, and I drink the rosewater as it spills from your eyes, your lips, of sweetness and fresh dew, lightly perfumed with naïve longings.

Dewdrops glisten upon leaves of wanderlust daisies that cover our secret place; they remind me of memories I have yet to live and fields I have yet to smell, rivers I have yet to taste, the poor daisies hold hands as we rip them from their roots and crown each other kings and queens of our secrets, kings, and queens of the sky.
Red sky in the morning; sailor’s warning.

We forget in rained red roses and turn over blushing cheeks away from prying eyes, we drink from teacups of dreams and forget it is only rosewater flavorings, we look for hope in the dirt under our fingernails and imagine forests stretching further than we could ever explore.

I watch you slowly blink as you wake, I see the watermelon smile behind your teeth, I feel the lemonade bubbles popping in my nervous stomach, I see the fuchsia shades you slipped into your braids and I reach out to touch each strand as It falls against your waist, nibble on your ears and exclaim –
~ I love you.