Skardu to be Home to the Highest Baseball Field

Skardu Baseball Field

The Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) is moving towards setting a world record with its announcement of holding an upcoming Inter-District Baseball Championship in Skardu, which will now be home to the highest baseball field in the world. The PFB will be getting this place by dethroning Colorado, US, which previously had the highest baseball field located at 1,564 meters (5,130 feet). Skardu baseball field is at 2,228 meters which is equivalent to approximately 7,310 feet high.

The PFB has organized exhibition matches between Pakistan Greens and Whites teams in Skardu city on October 31. Another exhibition will also take place in Gilgit on November 3. International Pakistani players are expected to take part in these matches.

According to the PFB President, Syed Fakhar Ali Shah, “The subject of organizing these matches at the highest altitude by Pakistan has already been highlighted by the World Baseball Federation on its website.” He further said that though the issue of extreme cold weather has been raised by the concerned authorities, there is an arrangement of special kits for the players to meet all the challenges of the weather.

The President also added that all the arrangements are made without any assistance and aid from the government, and are completely the efforts of the PFB. He hoped that the government and other sectors of the country would step forward to contribute to their efforts.

Along with this, the president also announced the opening of a National Baseball Academy in Skardu, which is likely to be inaugurated on October 31st. The sole purpose of the new Baseball Academy is the enhancement of tourism in the region, which also supports the vision of the government. The presence of Baseball Academy will also be the source of promotion of this sport which is already limited in the country.

Fakhar said that though the PFB has been successful in managing the events without the support of the government, it still requires financial support from the Ministry of Inter-provincial coordination. Otherwise, this effort will also suffer the fate of many other neglected issues by the government. With the help and support of the government, the federation aims to organize home series against Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Egypt because of their interest in Pakistan.