Self-reflection: A path to Explore Yourself

Self Realization & Actualization

How to get real self-confidence and self-esteem to be successful in your dream goals?
How can you know yourself (self-discovery), your potentials, and your hidden abilities?

Self-discovery is quite difficult to analyze and it needs your deeper level of thinking, meditation, and practice.

How can you know yourself?
Let’s explore this concept ………..

When talking or writing about self-discovery, our mind suddenly clicks that how we see ourselves and what we can do as a human, our role in society. It is true the way we perceive self-discovery but we never take a step further to act, think, and meditates for a bit longer to get to the peak of knowing ourselves; this is the point that most of us never realize our actual dreams and potentials.
It needs a practical approach to prepare our minds towards knowing ourselves and make our dreams come true by knowing our strengths and weaknesses.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.


Self-discovery means to understand yourself deeply by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and knowing that who am I? And what are your ambitions in life? In other words, to see the best version of you and act accordingly. When one’s reflect on his or her past experiences and they analyze that what were the good and bad experiences. We start asking ourselves the very basic questions that pop up in our minds such as “how could we have done better “? What was the secret of our success or the reason for failure? What do people think of me that I should have done? 

There is a Joke that “There was a guy who wanted to win the lottery. He would meditate every day, visualizing himself to win the lottery. Then he started to pray the God every day to win the lottery. Months and years pass and he would visualize and pray to win the lottery and one day he was crossing the road and hit by the bus. At the end of this happen that he meets God and asked what the deal is? I prayed for you every single day to help me win the lottery. God said, “You could have at least bought a lottery.” It means that you could have at least taken an action.
 (Taken from the video, orally narrated)

There is a saying of a famous meditation expert:

“You are the chosen one, and if you chose not to take action, nature will find someone else.” The faster you take action, the more inspiration you are going to get.


Different people have different potentials based on their personality which are expressed in the shape of behavior, communication, negotiation, and some technical skills. Everyone is blessed with some sort of abilities but such abilities need to be actualized that is to apply it in real-life routines, this strategy is termed self-actualization. So self-actualization gives birth to self-discovery and truly knowing yourself.
In order to explore yourself, one’s needs to meditate and ask such questions from him or herself.

How to actualize yourself?

  • What things make you happy? Find out what makes you happy, make a list and start working on them.
  •  What is your Goal or ambition in life?
  •  Make your target real like when you think of something so that you can do in real life. 
  • Make your thoughts into words and then convert your words into action.
  •  Learning by doing. For instance, if a person learns to drive a car, so he/she will learn by driving(action) not by just learning rules and regulations again and again. So action is essential. 
  • What I am worried about? Make a list and find a solution.
  • What are my values? Explore it 
  • Sometimes you may be facing trouble and you think you cannot solve it, it’s because you think inside the box, so what should you do? You need to look at things from outside the box that is from a broader perspective. 

There’s no greater journey than the one you must take to discover all of the mysteries that lie within you.


By Hassan Karim (