Secrets To Surviving The Second Lockdown


Despite succeeding at flattening the curve in early September, Pakistan seems to be getting ready for a second lockdown as Infections soar at a disastrous rate. Certain areas of Islamabad have been instructed to employ a second smart lockdown from Monday, 9th November 2020, according to a notification from the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

Meanwhile, The Pakistan Medical Association has reiterated the importance of following Coronavirus SOPS. PMA suspects a second, more lethal, wave of infections is on the rise. What the cases on a constant rise, we can safely assume a second lockdown is a definite possibility. The biggest question on everyone’s minds at the moment is “How in the world are we going to survive a second, potentially stricter, lockdown?”


Already several Quarantine related stress symptoms have been reported, with low mood, insomnia, irrational exhaustion, and anger being widely prevalent. If you have experienced any of these emotions, you are not alone. But a second lockdown is nothing to be afraid of, read on to find evidence-based ways to psychologically survive a second lockdown.

  1. Be Responsible – Remember that you choosing to be a responsible citizen and staying home during the lockdown is an act of altruism. You are helping to keep others safe, including those who are particularly vulnerable (such as people with pre-existing health conditions or senior citizens). This will help reduce the mental burden as you realize that choosing to follow lockdown rules is not pointless.
  2. Create A Structure – The human brain likes routine. Having predictable patterns to follow helps protect our brain from decision fatigue and provides comfort in uncertain times. Having a set sleeping schedule, having your meals at the same time, and having a designated time for each task is a small but crucial step.
  3. Stay in Touch with your Social Network – The lockdown does not have to be a time of complete isolation. Man, after all, is a social creature and enjoys the company. Although you cannot be around a large number of people, you can still keep in touch with through social media and other great apps such as Zoom. So, don’t fret! grab some popcorn, snuggle up in your blanket, and have a Socially distanced Netflix party with your friends!
  4. Self-Care – During stressful times, taking care of ourselves becomes more important than ever. But self-care is not just about eating healthy or drinking plenty of water. Similarly, it also means taking care of your emotional well-being, this is essential. Don’t be afraid to take some time off. Stay off social media if it gets too much. Turn off the news and take a well-deserved nap in the sun instead.
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It may seem hard right now, but human beings are nothing if not resilient. You WILL get through this. Just as you went through the first lockdown.

Stay Strong, Stay safe, and remember, wear your mask!

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