Saima Saleem: The 1st Visually Impaired Pakistani Diplomat Gave Befitting Reply To India

Saima Saleem: The 1st Visually Impaired Pakistani Diplomat Gave Befitting Reply To India

First time in the history of the United Nations, an ironwoman made a speech by using braille. Who is this great lady? Saima Saleem, Pakistan’s first visually impaired diplomat made this remarkable speech and attracted the audience through her strong argument.

In the session of the United Nations General Assembly, Saima Saleem represented Pakistan on this international forum. Indian representative, Sneha Dubey, alleged Pakistan for providing shelter and support to terrorist groups. She emphasized the Indian stand on Kashmir by calling it an integral and inalienable part of India.

Saima Saleem explained the stand of Pakistan in these words “Jammu and Kashmir is neither a so-called integral part of India nor India’s internal matter”. Further, she divided India’s terrorism into four categories and emphasized state terrorism that India is performing in Jammu and Kashmir. She called the international community to take cognizance of shreds of evidence and take India accountable for brutal actions.

She was wearing a beautiful Pakistani flag color dress and represented Pakistan on this international forum. Not only this, she is the first visually impaired CSP officer of Pakistan. She passed the competitive exam in 2007. Because of this lady, FPSC changed the rules and regulations for visually impaired candidates.

This differently able woman demonstrated her abilities and stood 6th in the CSS result and first among women. She lost her eyesight at the age of 13. She utilized her disability for becoming differently able and she is continuously overcoming the hurdles and barriers. She is a strong supporter of international human rights and working for human rights since long time. She is an expert in international law, diplomacy, and the economy.

No barrier had enough guts to stop her, and her fiery and incredible speech at UNGA made everyone support this brave lady. Many national and international celebrities, politicians, and leaders praised her courage and emphatic argument in the General Assembly Session. President of Pakistan and many Pakistani politicians praised her remarkable abilities. Many Indians also praised her courage and confidence and this makes the Pakistani nation feel proud. No doubt, she is a Pakistani icon. We are so proud of her.