Roomy: A Pakistani Hospitality Startup for a Fun and Accessible Travel

Roomy Startup

Tourism in Pakistan has always had a big share in the country’s economy, prosperity, and popularity. Pakistan is one of those countries that tend to remain on the hit list of tourists every year. The impediments, however, include unfavorable weather, internal political challenges, and slow growth of the local hospitality and tourism industry. Roomy Pakistan, a hospitality start-up, is the change that we all have been waiting for. It will be taken as an advanced step in the tourism industry.

Roomy, with the astute combination of innovation, technology, and market knowledge, would offer a solution to the questionable state of hospitality in Pakistan and its future in the country. Roomy aims to ameliorate and standardize the quality of service and also to revolutionize the accommodation industry in Pakistan. The vision will be achieved through specially curated rooms at some of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations.

Traveling to the Northern side of the country is one of the topmost priorities of Pakistanis, especially during the summers. But the unavailability of standardized and affordable accommodation in those areas makes it difficult for the tourists to opt for such places. Roomy steps forward with the stance of providing travelers with well-maintained accommodation facilities in Naran, Hunza, and Islamabad. Roomy will partner with local hotels and guest houses and will revamp, operate, and manage these properties at some of Pakistan’s most stunning locations.

The CEO of Roomy, Asad Samar said that their focus will be laid on the development of budget-friendly accommodation, which is simple as well as pleasing. “We know that a budget traveler is not looking for, or expecting, the luxuries of a five-star hotel; so, we don’t waste money on big chandeliers, and giant aquariums in the lobby,” he said, “Instead, we keep it simple, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.”

One such example of such ventures is Airbnb, which has gained massive popularity around the world. Millions of users take the services of Airbnb while traveling abroad or within the country. Roomy, with its promised innovation and creativity, will be one such amazing addition to this troop. The company will be facilitating online bookings as well, where tourists can easily reserve rooms for any of Roomy’s various digital channels.

Currently, Roomy is operating many affordable hotels in Pakistan, which include; Batakundi (Naran), Yurts in Gulmit (Hunza) and Minapin (Nagar), and a flagship hotel in Islamabad. In addition to these properties, Roomy aims to expand its footprints in other parts of North, Punjab, and also the Southern regions of the country.