I sat on the couch for the first time after our last,
Its delicate symmetry hurling me into the past.
Tears rolled down my cheeks as my body touched its leather
A flashback of our cuddles, shielding me in your feathers
It was like poets’ poem; words supporting words;
An island to my misty voyage, a nest for astray birds.
Bruises on my hand then why did your heartache
Believing in me even when you were an atheist A mistake?

Poured life into my perished prayers,
They say, “He listens if the love is pure”
Then why turned my only dream into a nightmare?
I darted for hours but found him nowhere!
The little hope I was clinging on; Who knew it was the only thing, the darkness spread upon.

The promises we made, you broke it first.
Took the last drop of water, which left me suffering in thirst.
Now I open my eyes at night to see your place vacant
Clouds blanketing you inside, I’m not that patient.
So come and take me with you, or help me let the memories flow
For the deeper I dive, You’re only what I see a glow.

Covering the couch in white, clutching to my heart.
“We are always one, never meant to be apart!”

Saman Zahra