Private School Teacher

Private School Teacher

If you want to meet a multi-talented person just visit a private school teacher in Pakistan. And if you want to meet a real perfectionist, give a CV to a private school in Pakistan.

I was watching my cousin after a year. She looks pale & thin. And her moves were shocking, she was cooking, & teaching her academy students at the same time.

The reason was she was teaching in a private school for seven months & a healthy, gorgeous-looking girl turned into a pale yet active girl.

Diya, MSc Maths, was teaching Social Studies, English & Islamic Studies including Maths in her services. Far from Fine Arts, she was able to use rough material as a good useful thing. Her moves & skills were inspiring me but her health & dark circles as well as her dull beauty was also alarming.

She told me that her duty hours are 7 and starts from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. She has reached school half hour before school timing & her off timing half an hour after students. We check students and arrange them in rows and then we remain on duty there for any issue of gathering, she explained. From class decor to syllabus completion as well as their paper checking also very tiring.

During the exams, we stay two hours late there for checking & managing paper. I felt as she wants to hide something. Not only this she brought paper at home last week & didn’t do any other work of the home, but her mother also added. “Do they pay extra wages?”, I asked unconsciously. She wants to say yes but Her mother interrupted; she didn’t even get her salary for the month yet. But it’s the 14th of the month, I want to control my tongue, but it slipped. How much they are paying you? I asked directly to Diya. “10,000”, she replied in misery. Leave the job instantly! I force her but my next words died at the bottom of my tongue when I saw tears of helplessness in her eyes. I have no option Appi, I got this job after one year of struggle. I want to do a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), but we don’t have much finance. Moreover, I am paying Esha’s (her younger sister’s) fee too. She told me when aunty was not in the room. And I felt pity for every private school teacher who is doing the job with such pathetic hidden conditions.

Almost, it is every Pakistani Private school condition. They are taking more work from their employees than wages. People don’t have a second option due to the horror of un-employment.

They are expecting their employees to be flawless without noticing their personal issues e.g., health, finance, etc. There should be a check and balance in this sector by the government. They have made it a cut throat business & I am afraid of capitalism in education section, its pros and cons.

I left their home with a heavy heart and was Thanking Allah Almighty for my Government Job. I wish every Private School Teacher will get a good job according to their education & professional qualifications. Ameen

By Asma Anwar