POPULATION (The Jobless Youth Of Pakistan)

Population Jobless

The meaning of population is the number of organisms of the same species that live in a particular geographic area at the same time, with the capability of interbreeding. But here I am using the word “Population” as the population of Jobless Youth of Pakistan.

Did you ever saw? How many pupils are jobless while they have a better grades or positions? They have a spirit to do something for our country betterment. Why they are jobless yet? That is the biggest question for those who serves jobs. This is not my words, these words belong to all jobless youth of Pakistan. (WHY WE ARE JOBLESS YET?)

Respected Jobs giver! Kindly make your money crescent. Because we all know what the bitter truth behind it is. Why have I choose the word Crescent? I know that you understand very well, when you give a job by corruption. So, think what the situation of that person will be who truly deserve this opportunity. The rate of population of unemployment is increasing day by day. It is very harmful for our country’s future. Youth is moving forward rapidly on the wrong path. They are committing suicide; they are getting addicted to drugs and so on.

What causes this young generation to become depressed and take a step that ends their life? I say these steps are taken because of the people who shatter their dreams. Those who make themselves gods and rule this society, are those who have no fear of God۔ These are the people who give jobs to useless people on the basis of source. On the other side, the poor people who want to work hard, want to see their country develop but sadly, these people do not have the money to feed these haram eaters. So, they refuse to give them a job. I would like to say again, make your money crescent. The future of our country is in the hands of these young people. So please give them as many job opportunities as possible. It should not be the case that capable people remain depressed and useless people continue to commit corruption. If you want the good of Pakistan then educate these young people and give them jobs without any source.

By Neha Khan