Pari Gul Tareen – Balochistan’s First Female ASP

Pari Gul Tareen

For the very first time in history, Balochistan got a female PSP officer appointed as the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Quetta Cantonment. Pari Gul Tareen hails from Balochistan’s Pishin area and secured the fourth position in the Central Superior Services (CSS) across the province in 2017.

Though Balochistan is that area of Pakistan which is normally considered “conservative” in political and social terms. Especially for women, Balochistan tends to offer the worst conditions for their survival. This is an exception, something that should be lauded and should be appreciated.

The announcement of this momentous news was made by the Balochistan Police Department through a notification issued regarding the postings and transfers of nine other officers including Pari Gul.

Pari Gul, after passing the nerve-wracking exam of CSS in 2017, joined the Quetta police force. She is the first female PSP police officer in the province.

In an interview with Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA), Gul said, “Many other girls are getting inspired by my uniform now desire to join the police force.” This certainly shows the positive and constructive impact she has laid on the young girls of Pakistan.

Pari Gul Tareen Interview

Pari Gul also stated that she is the very first member of her family to join the police force. The reason for her joining the profession was she herself was very much intrigued by the police uniform.

Belonging to Balochistan, Pari Gul is a recipient of a Master’s degree in English Literature from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), back in 2015.

Pakistan is one of those countries where women are making their mark with every passing day. They have been outperforming in every field and landing in this male-centric world with more capabilities than ever. Pari Gul is also bestowed with such competency and courage and is a role model for all the girls who want to be a part of such fields. This roaring success of Pir Gul can serve as the footprint for other girls to follow.