I live in a Paracosm
Where my biggest nightmare is reality

Reality that I was not born to be happy
Much less be loved, really loved

It’s true that I am not loved as I love
Yet I will never stop as I should love

I must love in the best way imaginable
Love with all the sincerity in world

Sincerity is what I want most
Sincerity is what I ask of you

I ask you not to say “I love you”
Without really love in your heart

Love is what I really do
Love is what I want but want

I want you here with me
I want you here to love me

Loving, my world is complete
Loving, everything is perfect

The Perfect doesn’t exist
That’s what everyone says

They say that what goes through my veins
Makes my body alive, it’s Blood

For me, it’s different
What flows through my veins is love
Love is vital to me
Without love, I don’t live
Without love, I don’t exist.

It’s better to live in a paracosm
Because reality is worse than nightmare

Farjad Hasan