Palestine – You Will Rise

Palestine - You Will Rise

With unsinkable hope, you breathe
With unshakeable courage, you shine
World of willful ignorants can’t see your grief
To the signs of truth, they are turned blind
Can’t hear those cries, erupting from the street
Can’t figure out real rights of mankind
Those demolished homes, those toys that bleed
Can’t they see or truths they don’t want to find?
Of just humanity, those children are in need
Deprived of the right to defend, every day are dying
And No! those screams, the ignorant won’t feel
Why those wounds they will heal?
To the mutual interests of worldly possessions
They are only attracted, only inclined
Those states giving lessons of human rights
Where have you gone?
Where is your so-called pride?
And all those leaders of the world
Your silence is not less than a crime
You can raise the standards of living
For your economic development, a great sign
But how long will you live with this relief?
How will you run from the harshness of the time?
All the worldly mounts, you can achieve
All the luxuries, the kings can receive
But how long will this all remain?
How long will you all ignore their pain?
Those imprisoned souls, devoid of every right
Unarmed fighting with the firmness of faith
In the growing darkness, their only light
For those all, truths who can’t perceive
Can dictate others to follow rules of life
But helping the innocents will be their defeat
What a hypocrisy lost in the arrogance of might
None other, but yourself you can only deceive
Because from the ashes of Gaza
The brave, the unarmed warriors will shine
The flag of faith, their belief will never decline
You can burn their homes, can steal their smiles
But they will rise stronger after all the trials
Why are you so scared of Al-Quds
You Zionist regime?
By killing the innocents, destroying their peace
Never will come true your evil dream
Let me tell you
You can use all the force, encage their land
But still, the flag of faith will raise in their hand
Can kill them brutally on their way
But can’t restrict them ever to stand, to pray
In your mischievous plans, you can succeed
But remember
They only bow down to Allah Almighty
They won’t ever give up on what they believe
Love of Al-Quds is part of their creed
They are that hopeful blinking sign
A lesson for those Muslims drowned in greed
And those ignorant powers of the world
To you something, I want to remind
Not your blindness can break their hopes
Not even your hypocrisy that is now all aligned
Not by the burnt homes, the rising smoke
But by unmatchable bravery, they are defined
No matter how much the world closes its eyes
In this war of Truth, with a victory
You will fly the flag of faith, you will rise
And then all will see how Muslims strive & shine
Symbol of unwavering faith, you Palestine

Siddiqa Bano