Pakistan’s First Palm Oil Project in Thatta

Palm Oil Project

The Sindh Government, in November, successfully completed the pilot project to extract palm oil in the Thatta district. The Government had planted palm tree fields, and also imported the unit of palm oil production from China. These trees will significantly enhance the production of palm oil in the region.

The pilot project was a joint initiative of the Climate Change and Coastal Development Department. The Sindh Government will further look upon its future production mechanisms. The project is first of its kind, and has a potential to act as an economic breakthrough for the region. Such initiatives are a perfect example of the mineral enrich abilities of the coastal strip line of Pakistan.

The newly established palm oil mill is located in Gulamullah Town of Thatta, near the palm fields. Environment and Coastal Development Advisor Barrister Murtaza Wahab visited and inaugurated the project. While talking to media, he stated that planting indigenous palm oil trees can minimize the imports of this edible commodity. Hence, it can eventually save up to 4 billion dollars annually.

Murtaza Wahab also told that this particular production unit is capable of producing two tonnes of palm oil every day. He added that the palm trees are irrigated on 50 acres of land in Kahtore area of Thatta. Furthermore, the Government Advisor expressed the aim of Provincial Government to grow palm trees on 1500 acres, after successful completion of the Thatta project.

Barrister Wahab also expressed his gratitude upon the services and constant hard work of officials and staff members. The employees of Environmental and Costal Development Department play an imminent role in successful transition of the idea. This is the first such palm oil extracting mill in the whole country. Therefore, this initiative has provided something to cherish for the whole country in these uncertain times.

The Sindh Government counts this project as another feather of achievement in their hat, after the Thar Coal Extraction project. Such initiative can prove to be a breakthrough for local residents, and provide them with more financial stability. The low lying areas get a chance of development, and there are more opportunities for employment and local businesses.