Pakistan’s First Liver Auto-Transplant

Pakistan's First Liver Auto-Transplant

Pakistani doctors performed the first liver auto-transplant at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in Karachi

Pakistan is developing in the sector of medicine and recently Pakistani doctors achieved a milestone in this field. A team of doctors became successful in performing liver auto-transplant at DOW University of Health Sciences. This surgery is performed the first time in Pakistan and the patient is recovering at a faster pace.

A patient, Sadiq Shah, from Zhob, Baluchistan visited DOW hospital and doctors found that he needed liver auto-transplant. A team of doctors decided to perform this surgery under the supervision of eminent liver surgery expert, Dr. Faisal Dar.

In an interview, Sadiq Shah expressed that he was disappointed about his life until he came to DOW. But now he is returning towards a normal life and his health is improving day by day.

Dr. Jahanzeb Hyder, a senior liver transplant surgeon at DUHS, said that this surgery is not a simple one and requires a lot of time and expertise. In this process, the liver is surgically removed from the body of the patient, and the cancerous part is removed. After this, affected veins are grafted and the healthy part of the liver is placed back in the right position. Further, he said that liver auto-transplant is possible only due to the reason that the liver has a regenerating ability. This procedure is rare in the world due to a large number of complications of patients and is only performed about twenty times in the world. According to him, it was a big challenge for their team to motivate the patient and his family for a surgery that will be performed for the first time in Pakistan. Here, on this very occasion, it is necessary to praise the efforts of DOW University of Health Sciences that found the basis of liver transplant in 2015. Moreover, this institution trained doctors in this field from abroad universities and hospitals. This successful surgery will provide a way to cure other diseases of the liver and other organs.

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