Pakistan Embarks On The Cyber Journey As It Becomes 3rd Largest Contributor Of Online Labor

With a swift transformation of work to smart digitalization; we have stepped a long staircase of incredibility in coming closer to the door of a tech-savvy era. It has visibly become today’s high reaching goal to the countries in the race with each other.

The rapidity of the technology unfolding the miracles on this world has not only amazed the wits but its perpetual struggle and upgrade have been the birthplace of many technocrats.

Software development and technology are the most sought-after occupations and the becoming of the best labor has surfaced to the clear notification. Developing countries prevailing the opportunities in this sector have had the highest percentage of labor production. Digital freelancing, being the utmost yielding opportunistic platform did not just do its best but the doorway to such other online career follow-ups also became the eye-catcher to the techies.

However, the client pool for analysis on the developed countries like United States Of America USA, United Kingdom UK, Australia, and Canada underscored as top demanding countries with the provision of online work. Moreover, these countries have even pushed the neighboring countries to run in the race of fast and furious technology on their own.

According to the reports from International Labor Organization (ILO), Pakistan has stepped to the number 3rd as the largest contributor of online labor and other online services. The news came out with a ranking that has not only hit the headlines afresh but also made Pakistan proud of its ulterior abilities to the mainstream. Most of the services are marketed to the top said demanding countries in the Information Technology (IT) sector in the maximal.

Advisor to the Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on the 1st March 2021, typed a congratulatory tweet to the gear heads about this winning on a different level; both on Commerce and Investment. He further urged to keep marketing the best services around the world to reach the ultimate line in the race of technology.   

Pakistan has indeed given birth to brilliancy in every discipline to the level of augmentation to mark a name on the globe.