Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day

It was an afternoon on Monday, 29 December 1930, a firm and resolute voice was echoing in the air of Allahabad (British colonized India). An outline of a successful future resolution was being given to the listeners of the address. Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal gave a well-defined work line for the Muslims of the sub-continent. It was the dream which later converts into a mission of Muslims of India for a separate homeland. Muslim majority areas of India felt the sense of their basic rights which would later be known as the ”Ideology of Pakistan” or ”Two Nation Theory”.

Iqbal was the apt example of ”Dreams without any practical interpretation always be a dream”. To change his dream into reality he did every possible act he can do. He traveled across Europe to attain political support for the league. In the third round table conference in London, he clearly smelled the hypocrisy of Congress. He instantly looks forward to a capable man to show his framework and vision.

Soon, Iqbal recognized the abilities of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and start writing him to join Muslim League and work for the Muslims of the sub-continent who were living in a miserable condition.

At last, Muhammad Ali Jinnah took the responsibilities which Allah has planned for him and he starts to work for a separate homeland for the Muslim majority in India.

Consequently, the All India Muslim League turned into a strong political party that worked for their identity without considering days and nights. In return for the day and night struggles of countless Muslims under the great leadership, the day came when a dream turned into a reality, though the dreamer was not there to watch the success by his own eyes the words of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah are enough to satisfy a believer.

”Iqbal is no more amongst us, but had he been alive he would have been happy to know that we did exactly what he wanted us to do”. (Reported Presidential speech in Iqbal Day meeting 25 March 1940).

On 23rd March 1940, a historic resolution passed in Manto Park now known as Iqbal Park Lahore at Minar e Pakistan. In which the Muslims of the Sub-continent had seen their future as being an independent nation of South Asia.

The 23rd of March known as Pakistan Day is a national holiday of Pakistan that is celebrated by its masses with great love and enthusiasm. It is the day of recalling the true spirit of creation and purpose of a separate homeland.

Army parade officially organized by the military of Pakistan to give honor to this great Day and all those leaders which participated in this glorious journey, to make it possible.

The need of the hour is to recall its ideology which was the ”Two Nation Theory” to stay alive. It is a universal truth that only those nations can live forever who will work for the cause of their existence.

We must act upon our motto ”Unity, Faith, Discipline” and only ”Work, work & work” can maintain our stability on Earth.

Pakistan is a miracle, and for this miracle, countless lives are sacrificed, the honor of thousands of young girls, and blood of old, children, women & young lies in its foundations. That is why Quaid e Azam rightly said:

”No power on Earth can undo Pakistan”.

Long Live Pakistan!!!!!!!