Pakistan Becomes Pioneer To Compere World’s First Online Scrabble Championship

Pakistan Hosts First Online Scrabble Championship

Where Pakistan has been on the horizons for exploring the base of tourism, invading the records to become the known medical heroes, elevating on the scale to become best military in the world. The inception of hosting First International Online Scrabble Championship will also luckily be headed by The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Scrabble or criss-crosswords was invented in 1938 by an architect named Alfred Musher Butts. However, it became noticeable after 1948 by the lawyer, James Brunot and was also made into a daytime TV show on NBC television.

This is a board game with squares on it 15×15 with English letters. Teams comprising of 2, 3 or 6 players choose the letters and make words out of it on each turn. 

The name Scrabble is now a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. in the US and Canada and of J.W Spear & Sons PLCs in other countries.

There has been Clubs and Tournaments for players around the world and many websites for online scrabble playing. 

Since, the COVID crisis took the world to a state of stuck, the global regulatory body of Scrabble Association has even tried harder to develop ways to cut through the tough times and be a source of motivation for the world.

Hence WESPA, World English-Language Scrabble Players Association came out with a virtual solution and selected Pakistan to host World’s First Online Scrabble Championship starting from January 22nd, 2021.

The championship is being played online for the first time. PSA, Pakistan Scrabble Association Youth director Tariq Pervez says ‘it’s a great honor for Pakistan’.     

Around 16 countries from 5 continents with total of 96 players will take part in championship and each team will contain 6 players. All players are under 18 years of age. This would be a privilege for Pakistan to arrange this entire tournament, said Tariq Pervez.

The participants will be seen to play on divided groups of 4 and the top two 2 teams will eventually reach to the quarter finals. The whole event will be scrutinized by the technical team behind says Director Technical Vali M.Khubaib and Director Of Tournament Hassan Hadi Khan.

The sponsors of the first International Virtual event are Quetta Gladiators & Pharmevo. The directors of both sponsors Faraz Maqbool and Mansoor Khan expressed their motifs to promote a healthy society and wellbeing of Pakistan’s image on the globe.

Pakistan to also partake in the scrabble game with its team of first string players will become the first ever country to be written in the history as per their hospitality to also front this International event.

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