Our Mission: Corruption Free Pakistan

Our Mission: Corruption Free Pakistan

Corruption is an adamant curse for a nation and Pakistan had been a victim of such an evil act since 1947 when it came into being. It has Dryden roots of the country and weakens the nation’s stability. By the late 1960 and ’70s, World Bank Report stated that Pakistan’s bureaucracy was lacking transparent accountability, and still now there is not any improvement noted.

According to International Transparency Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2020, Pakistan is ranked 31/100.
Insufficient Anti-corruption mechanisms gave birth to multifarious issues including lack of transparent audit of government departments, negating meritocracy, and increased rate of crimes. The departments are provided with a handsome budget but neither any progress noted nor an audit of financial records.

Corrupt ones do not regret being that despite blame their organization to be held accountable. Moreover, low salaries of employees compared to their expenditures compel them to involve in such sinful practices to feed their families.

Utilization of heavy amounts on many projects, kept hidden from the public as expenses are told higher as of their consumption rate. Local products are used on projects and the remaining amount gets distributed among concerned authorities. Thousands of people have died due to low-standard projects of roads, bridges, buildings, and malls, and localized medical equipment.

As a result, the reputation of the government is tainted and the public becomes violent. It is, now, considered a system that found in every sector; either private or government, non-profit and charitable organizations.

Digitalization is a need in the present era. Lacking productive technology and improper implementation of those electronics lead to having dual jobs and hidden properties. The inefficient role of Nab and FIA is adding fuel to fire as it has failed to provide accountability and hand-over concerning cases to NAB which is facing hurdles in the deliverance of transparent accountability due to its independence. Dual standard policies of government made it hard for poor masses to pay taxes.

The establishment of proper accountability at higher levels within the state to perish deep-rooted corruption is a dire need of Pakistan. Remedial measures and effective strategies, such as a check and balance system based on the audit of every government department in consumption of budget, must be held and those corrupt ones had better punished harshly as per the intensity of crime. If everyone plays their role to combat with mother of all evils, corruption, the mission of corruption-free Pakistan will surely be achieved.