Ordinance Passed: No Delinquency to The Vulnerability of Elderly Parents

Ordinance Passed: No Delinquency to The Vulnerability of Elderly Parents

With every move towards life, childhood, character building, maturity, and what not! They always tend to be around to the construction of our whole being in a cradle of love and caresses.
Lucky are those, who have such a blessing in their life called Parents!

Pakistan is amongst those countries, where crime has an augmented rate in every sector of life may it be domestic, personal, marital, social, etc. The unbound forms of it have seemingly intervened and awakened many Social welfare Organizations to step in to control the chaos to any calm. However, the one who has to die in ‘honor’ for the sake of our rifts and intense insight would die regardless of age, gender, caste. Crime has never found anyone innocent or itself guilty of it.

Meanwhile curbing the infectious forms of Crimes, what remained unnoticed was an issue of ‘Abuse towards elderly parents and their eviction’. The news reports may have screened such nerve-racking scenes before, even with social media platforms the videos of vulnerabilities surfaced but turned to an ignored burst of comments and reactions to no help to these victims. To a disgusting level, we have alarming figures of such parents who have been abused and evicted by their own children and left on the dependencies of organizations.

Fortunately, for the first time ever, the President of Pakistan ‘Dr. Arif Alvi’ enacted the Parental Protection Ordinance 2021. In accordance with the article’89 of the constitution, such acts of abandoning, oppressive behavior with elderly parents is liable to punishment. However, the children in a quest to violate the ordinance may also face one year of jail without any warrant.

Parents, with this enacted Law, will be protected against any physical assault to reside in their houses, and in case of their ownership of the house, they can ask their children to vacate the place or they may get a legal notice to vacate the house on said time. The district deputy commissioners have also been given the authority to advance the law.

Conversing with former secretary of Ministry of Human Rights Rabia Javeria Agha reflected on this; ‘It may protect the vulnerable elderly parents from getting homeless and seek a legal support to deal with abusive children through institutional processes’. According to data, Islamabad has the highest percentage of Abuse towards parents i.e. 25.2 pc, Sindh 8.2 pc, Khyber PakhtunKhuwa 2.4 pc, Punjab 6.1 pc, the percentage of Balochistan is also shocking where 14.7 pc of parents have been mistreated.

Miserably, Judiciary System had to take the plunge to remind us of our disrespect towards our parents.