One-Sided Love

One-Sided Love
What One-Sided Love is?
Something you can’t touch, see, hear or smell.
Something you can only feel.
Seeing someone can skip thousands of beats of your heart,
Watching someone from far just make you happy,
Feeling someone’s presence by your side even when you are sitting alone,
Feeling your hands intertwine with someone else even when your hands are full of scars,
The butterflies rise in your stomach just by hearing someone’s laugh,
Someone’s voice is so pure and worthy to melt your ears.
A soul around whom you find your true self,
Whose presence motivates you to become a better version of yourself.
Loving someone may left scars on your heart and soul
But for once you need to feel the essence of love
Whether you end up trusting this feeling or not
But for once you will feel how cruel heart can be,
Sometimes One-Sided Love is hurtful,
When you want to come closer to someone
But you stop because you will end up hurting them
For them you sacrifice your feelings
And this is the beauty of One-Sided Love
Zaynab Khaliq