North Air, Launched To Boost Tourism in Pakistan

North Air Launched in Pakistan

According to ARY News, “North Air”, a newly founded private airline, has been granted a TPRI (Tourism Promotion and Regional Integration) license by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), as part of the country’s efforts to promote tourism.

The private carrier, North Air, intends to fly to Gilgit, Skardu, Chitral, and Gwadar from a variety of Pakistani cities. Initially, the airline will fly between:

  • Islamabad-Gilgit
  • Islamabad-Skardu
  • Islamabad-Chitral
  • Islamabad-Gwadar

On the other hand, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the national carrier, finally started direct flights from Lahore to the northern areas. After a 17-year gap, Swat’s Saidu Sharif airport hosted the first flight on Friday, March 26. The PIA is flying to Skardu with an Airbus A-320 plane, with a one-way fare of Rs.7500 only.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Air Marshal Arshad Malik had previously stated that the national carrier planned to operate direct flights from Karachi to Skardu to encourage tourism. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has also announced that two flights will be operated weekly from Karachi to Skardu to help visitors.

As per March’s report, three new air carriers are in the final stage and awaiting accreditation by Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and once that is completed, they will begin operations in the regional airline’s space.

According to sources, two airlines, Q-Airlines and Fly Jinnah have finished their inspections, while the third, Jet Green Airlines, is currently undergoing the process.

The applications will be sent to the Aviation Division, which will review them before sending them to the Federal Cabinet for final approval.

The number of private carriers operators will rise to six with the inclusion of three new airlines. Airblue, SereneAir, and AirSial are the three existing airlines serving Pakistan’s 217 million people, though Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) remains the country’s largest and oldest carrier.

As per aviation regulations, new airlines must run domestic flights for at least one year before beginning international flight operations. The aviation industry is still experiencing its biggest financial crisis since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of three new carriers is expected to create a significant number of job opportunities.

By Maham Bashir