Non-Traditional Security and Aurat March

Non-traditional security and Aurat March

What is non-traditional security?
This is the very important question we are facing nowadays. Basically, we link all the issues and threats we are facing minus the military includes non-traditional security threats. Environmental issues, economic issues, and even the minor issues which are actually bothering the people of the state include non-traditional security threats.

Every year, on 8th of the March, we celebrate “Women’s day” just to pay a tribute to all the women in this world who are just trying to make their life for the sake of their families. But this world is full of narrow-minded people who came on roads and on many social media plate forums just to humiliate the women and they totally forgot that women are the only reason they are in this world. Harassment issues, forced marriages, honor killing, marital rapes, gang rapes, etc. this is what women face in today’s world of globalization and liberty. And still we women are labeled as “bloody feminists”.

Isn’t it a “non-traditional security threat”? like environmental issues, like economic issues, women are not safe, not even in their own houses, women cannot walk alone at night and not even day, women are not safe at their workplaces, at schools, at universities, women face harassment everywhere, by men and by other women too.

Isn’t it a security threat? The mothers, the daughters are not safe. And when they go out and try to raise their voice against this system they labeled them as “extremists“. They just want to be safe and feel protected. Slogans like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” is not about that every woman wants to roam around naked. It’s just about “our body is our temple” and we know how we want to look and what we want to do with our body. It’s their body and they know when they are able to carry a baby for 9 months, they know when they are ready for any kind of physical relationship, they know when they want to come closer to you, and they know that they are allowing anyone to come closer to them or not. They have their independent choices and will. They know when wanting and they know when don’t.

Stop making scenarios in your head that they support Aurat March, they want this and they want that. Even the participants of aurat march don’t feel safe. And we even don’t consider this as a THREAT. Every year we see this, every year we bear this. After every Women day, the media and public are all about “Aurat March” and “Western Propaganda“.

For God’s sake, if women were not being listened to and forced to keep their mouths shut, can we be a better society? Can we live freely? Can a woman raise her children in a better way? We all have listened that ‘the women build the nation’ but never thought that ‘how women full of fear can build a brave nation?’ Isn’t it a security threat that we women are not safe?

Think about it. We all care about other things and other security issues, but no one actually thinks about women of the nation. They need to be protected and their security is the nation’s security after all “THE WOMEN BUILD THE NATION” and if they are not secured then it is a NON-TRADITIONAL SECURITY THREAT.